The First International PlantPower Simposium is forthcoming

One of the objectives of the project is the dissemination of innovative idea of biofuels elements among the younger generation.

The new era has begun: renewable bioenergy production as a progressing interdisciplinary research approach

Yolina Hubenova, Mario Mitov

In: Alpine space - man & environment, vol. 7: Global Change and Sustainable Development in Mountain Regions, Innsbruck University Press, ISBN 978-3-902571-97-7, 2009, pp.141-148.


The aim of this study is a verification of possibilities for introducing budding yeast cells as a microreactor into biofuel cells. The investigation includes optimization of conditions for high efficiency utilization of in vivo produced electrons within the main biochemical pathways, which naturally cover the energy needs of the living cells. We trace out the three stages of cellular respiration - glycolysis, citric acid cycle and oxidative phosphorylation in eukaryotic cells, aspiring to shuttle the electrons between the biological system and the fuel cell anode by using appropriate mediator. The challenge is to use the biological energy from subcellular level. We modulate the biofuel cell/cell suspension elements in such manner that the mediator could capture the electrons from the biological electron transport chains and transfer them subsequently through the double mitochondrial membrane and outer membrane of intact cells and/or from cytosol under anaerobic conditions and finally, to the electrode, where they are transmuted into electricity.

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